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Hellboy Online Slot Machine

I only have two possible explanations for this.  Either Mike Mignola and/or Dark Horse desparately needed a second jacuzzi on the porch of their third house, or some deluded marketing maven thought it would be a good idea to promote … Continue reading

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Hellboy with a ‘stache

Somehow this is so disturbing.  Even more so than the bearded Boba Fett that Vanja Mrgan put on his blog, in the “Beards” series. (via Imperius Rex)

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Ben Fiquet

French illustrator and games designer Ben Fiquet is presenting some great pieces of fan art on his blog.  There’s this moody Hellboy, but also an explosive Hulk, a pensive Superman, a great flying Iron Man and more.  And judging from … Continue reading

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Hellboy Playmobil

Swedish artist Jakob Westman created a full set set of custom Hellboy-themed Playmobil figurines, including bad guys Ilsa, Rasputin, dr. Krönen and Leopold.  On his website, Jakob as more images of the set and its quite delicious lookin collector’s case. … Continue reading

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Hellboy tattoo

As far as comic tattoos go, this one was a winner.  Before they started coloring it.  Oh well, too bad. More more or less extreme comic tattoos here.

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Hellboy is a comic, remember ?

This is nice : an animated comic used as a prequel / backstory / trailer for the upcoming Hellboy 2 : The Golden Army, by Mike Mignola himself.

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Hellboy sneakers

Adidas goes cross-branding in a big way, and jumps the shark in one swell swoop. (via Brainstorm #9)

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Hellboy 2 – scary !

FirstShowing.net announces the new Hellboy movie (aptly called “Hellboy 2” ) ! I liked the first one the way I like white chocolate. I just hope the second one won’t make me feel nauseous the way too much white chocolate … Continue reading

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40 Part 15 – The Origin Of Hellboy Jr

This strip was created by Bill Wray and Mike Mignola to announce the Hellboy Jr comic in Previews (1997).

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