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Los Bros Fashion

Scene : Int, the Antwerp Inno department store, about 14:30 h. – Excuse me, Madam? I was wondering if I could take your picture.  I mean, of your dress? I really like it. – Er, what? Yes, certainly, but whatever … Continue reading

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Maggie (and Jaime) for Obama

Jaime Hernandez chooses sides in a drawing for an online fundraiser for Obama. You’ve got till Sunday, if you want to bid. (from Robert Boyd, via Scott Gilbert)

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Hernandez for Dylan

Quite a nice, albeit overwhelming, poster for Bob Dylan’s radio show, by one of the Hernandez Bros (I keep mixing them up).

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Los Bros Kupperman

Michael “Tales Designed To Thrizzle” Kupperman emulates the very recognizable Hernandez style in this illustration for an article for the New Yorker (march 2, 2003).

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Hernandez Bros on Seatle Weekly

My ever elusive contacts sent me this scan. It’s an old image, but it still makes a nice cover…

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