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The Brusseler, peike!

With The Brusseler (probably prononounced more like The Brusselair, I guess), the Brussels Maison de L’Image wants to pay tribute to the iconic covers of the equally iconic magazine, The New Yorker, by bringing together Belgian and international artists and illustrators … Continue reading

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Parodying the parody

In January of this year Belgian painter Luc Tuymans lost a court case filed against him by photographer Katrijn Van Giel who claimed that for his painting A Belgian Politician, Tuymans had simply copied one of her photographs of Belgian … Continue reading

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Daft Henk

Cowboy Henk joins in with the worldwide frenzy around Daft Punk’s resurrection. From this week’s Humo Magazine.

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Learn the alphabet with Cowboy Henk

From last year’s back-to-school issue of Humo Magazine, via my mom. (artwork © Herr Seele & Kamagurka)

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Warning ! No comic content !

Please, watch the video and send it on to any politician  you know.  Our lives are at stake.  More here : We need strong leadership on climate change. Too many politicians are happy to speak about the issue, but their … Continue reading

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Herr Seele Reads

My mom posted this yesterday on one of her own blogs (and she indeed has many).  I don’t know where she got it – probably some old Humo.  I liked it though. Translation : – A man reading a book.  … Continue reading

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Is it Superman ? No !

A great comic from a recent issue of Humo – Kamagurka and Herr Seele’s Cowboy Henk tries on Superman’s garb… (translation : “Shit, all my clothes are in the laundry. The only thing I have left is this thing here.” … Continue reading

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40 Part 18 – Humo 50

Elaborating further on Kamagurka and Herr Seele, here is a beautiful comic that they created for Humo, to celebrate their 50th anniversary. The cool part about this strip is that two other famous collaborators to Humo, Ever Meulen and Joost … Continue reading

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40 Part 17 – Uitblazen

These illustrations were made by Belgian cartoonist, painter, piano collector and tuner Herr Seele (Peter Van Heirseele) as advertisments for a music festival in Blankenberge (2005). They feature the world-famous (in Belgium, anyway) Cowboy Henk, Seele’s creation together with cartoonist … Continue reading

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Belgium Salutes You

This is a nice illustration Herr Seele made for a series of books published by the Flemish daily Het Nieuwsblad, celebrating Belgium and Belgian life in all its glorious aspects. They even had a book on Belgian comics. If you … Continue reading

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