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Sticky Maltese

While doing a late-night thrawl through Facebook (a very unhealthy habit, I know) I came across this little curiosity. Before Corto Maltese became one of the ultimate cult heroes of serious comics aficionadoes the world over, in the late 70s … Continue reading

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Corto in Vernaza

When my parents were on holiday in Italy earlier this month, they spotted this wooden plaque outside a bar in Vernaza (Liguria).  In my opinion, this looks too much like Hugo Pratt’s Corto Maltese to be a coincidence.  Which only … Continue reading

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Just in time for Christmas

€ 40 – 75. More info here. It’s interesting to see how Swatch caters to the fans of the original, purist, black-and-white Corto, and to the watercolor Corto aficcionados at the same time. Personally, I like the second one more.

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Donald Duck a la Pratt

From The Arflovers Blog : Hugo Pratt’s take at Donald Duck. Oh, and they also have rss-feeds these days ! Yesh ! (via The Beat)

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Corto Maltese in advertising

Here are two examples of Hugo Pratt‘s Corto Maltese used in advertising. The first one is fairly straightforward – a fragrance company uses Corto’s likeness as a symbol for masculinity and attractiveness. They might as well have used a thirteen-a-dozen … Continue reading

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