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Who read comics, the far-out version

In 1970 Italian photographer Fausto Giaconni was in London and heard about the Isle of Whight festival. He went there and focused on the gathering, rather than the performance. His photographs went on to chronicle the great youth gathering of … Continue reading

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He’s a hulk, and a menace!

Thanks to the services of some good souls that shall remain anonymous, I came across a number of issues of the early 1980s Marvel UK run of The Incredible Hulk weekly, which mainly consisted of black and white reprints of … Continue reading

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An endeavour of gargantuan proportions, on a set of small cards

So you have comic books, a storytelling medium that, through a series of well-established techniques, tries to simulate temporal and spatial, and (if at all possible) narrative, progression on a piece of paper, quite often involving adult men beating each … Continue reading

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The Fight is ON

Over the Christmas Holidays, French cartoonist Thierry Martin started a thread on Facebook, drawing up fight scenes between comic characters that never fought (so bitterly) before. 

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What your toys are up to

Edy Hardjo likes to imagine what your action figures and toys do when you are not around. And judging from his photos, they’re up to not a lot of good. Hardjo uses superhero action figures that he poses picture perfect. … Continue reading

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Never too old for comics

According to these ads for Melo chicken nuggets, your comfort zone remains in your childhood, whether it’s your heroes, or your comfort food. However, they don’t speak out on a possible causal relation between said comfort food and the guts … Continue reading

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Being a Superhero is expensive

Together with Samsung, Mashable has calculated how much it costs being a superhero. For five iconic Marvel and DC Comics characters (Batman, Superman, Wolverine, Spider-man and the Hulk), they added up the costs when they first started out, and the … Continue reading

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Marvel at my Lego

Mariann Asanuma may be a freelance Lego artist and author in her own right, somehow the knack of the brick must run in the family.  Her brothers Matt and Mike have been competing lately with Marvel-inspired creations that are quite … Continue reading

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Hulk is cool

It looks like Samsung has found the ultimate tool to keep Bruce Banner from changing into the Hulk.  This campaign also has a similar ad featuring a werewolf.  That fact, and the complete absence of any copyright statement, may well … Continue reading

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Don’t face a drinking parent alone

In 1987 the National Association for Children of Alcoholics created a series of posters to alert children of alcoholic parents that they are not alone, and to invite them to seek counseling.  The posters features classic Marvel comics characters, like … Continue reading

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