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Ben Fiquet

French illustrator and games designer Ben Fiquet is presenting some great pieces of fan art on his blog.  There’s this moody Hellboy, but also an explosive Hulk, a pensive Superman, a great flying Iron Man and more.  And judging from … Continue reading

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The daily life of superheroes

Toronto photographer Ian Pool creates photocompositions, allowing us a peek into the secret daily life of well-known superheroes.  I particularly like the way he positions action figures in everyday situations, and manages to achieve a very believable degree of realism. … Continue reading

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Mini can cause ADD

I like this videogame-like image from a South-African campaign for the Mini (artwork by Andree Wallin).  It’s like the temptation of Saint-Anthony, only the super-heroes are giving in.  And it would seem that it’s a phenomenon across the universes, affecting … Continue reading

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Spidey vs. Hulk

Super-powered teen vs lump of brute force ?  This picture by Manarama says it all. (via /Film)

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Toys convey the message

“Colorblind kids can see color. They just don’t see the same colors we see. Check you child’s eyesight for early detection.” Quite a good campaign fro the Taiba Hospital, playing on the defining function of conventional color schemes. The result … Continue reading

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Magical Marvel Mood Rings!

From Jeff Heerman‘s collection of paper ephemera.

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Hulk 2 Poster

Hulk Returns ! Grammatically correct, and in French, nonetheless ! (via This is Pop Culture)

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40 Part 29 – Don’t vote Cliche

These images are from a Flemish Government awareness campaign that was set up to coincide with one election or other (we have so many of them, it’s hard to keep count). The general idea is clear : don’t just vote … Continue reading

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40 Part 8 – Stamped Hulk

More stamps. The Hulk, from Madagascar. ‘Nuff said…

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The Hulk New On PS2

A nice advert for a Hulk game on the Sony PS2. (source : can’t remember. I think I got this via email)

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