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Far out, Jack !

In this online mini-comic Chemical Salvation (originally publised in LSD and Psilocybin Research), Sister Sara Tonin and Brother Mel A Tonin of the Church of Trick give an introduction in the history of LSD from its invention by Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman, … Continue reading

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Tiki must be stopped !

From Humuhumu comes this Jack Chick-like ultra-christian hate mongering against all things different. I just hope this is a parody. (via Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog)

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Galactus is coming !

Here’s another good one from the filler pile : the Coming of Galactus, retold as a Jack Chick tract. I laughed my ass of when I first read this after I got this on the old Comics Ephemerist grapevine..

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Take that, Jack Chick…

Here’s a real treat. I know this was blogged at Supreme Nothing a while ago, but I only found out about it today. This is a very short comic about allowing God into your life. It’s the same thing Jack … Continue reading

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