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The horror! The horror!

Time Travel and Rocket-powered Apes digged up these Kirby-in-the-movies mashups by Nick Perks. They’re pretty neat, even for non-believers.

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Michael Neno’s History Boys

The wonderful Michael Neno created this Kirby-inspired poster for a new production of the Alan Bennett play, The History Boys. You’ll have to go to Columbus to see it, but at least you can enjoy the poster wherever you are. … Continue reading

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Is it a Swipe ? Is it a Hommage ? No, it’s the New Yorker !

Lyle Tucker spotted the above caption competition in this week’s issue of the New Yorker. And quickly found out what it reminded him from…

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Jack Kirby Color Guide

This vintage color guide to a Sky Masters strip was sent to me by the Other One That Is Not Mentioned Or At Least Not By Name. I like it.

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The King’s Aquarium

Kingly Books is a veritable treasure trove of strange materials, such as the Hairy Hi-Fi Archive, with interviews and articles about rather strange music, and Get A Trade, trade advice by John Bagnall. Most interesting to us comics afficionadoes, however, … Continue reading

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1982 San Diego Comic Con – a photoset on Flickr

Will Eisner and Jack Kirby (and Mrs. Kirby) at the 1982 San Diego Comic Con. A priceless photo from a Alan Light’s Flickr photoset on Flickr (photo by Alan Light). (via Drawn! The Illustration Blog)

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