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I Remember Kochalka!

Sometimes I feel like the history of my comics reading habit is a battlefield strewn with the fallen that fought for my fickle attention, sometimes won my unbridled and absolute attention and love for a while (sometimes even longer) but … Continue reading

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Entertainment exploitation and Arthur Fonzarelli

Even though James Kochalka’s recent strip in the New York Times seems to recall a fond memory from his youth, spiced up with some more astute observations made in hindsight as an author, to me it reads like an example … Continue reading

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Kochalka goes scientific

Yes, that is James Kochalka‘s illustration on the cover of Trends in Cell Biology magazine.  Now he really is a super-star ! (via The Top Shelf Blog)

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Please don’t, Mr Kochalka

We love you too much.  And a happy anniversary from our assorted ephemerists… (American Elf © James Kochalka)

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Fall indeed

James Kochalka proves once again that he is the most economical of current cartoonists, in art as well as in writing.  This cartoon was published in this month’s Nick magazine. (artwork © James Kochalka)

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Way to go, Top Shelf !

Exactly ten years separate the two catalogues in this picture.  In 1998 I received a little yellow envelope in the mail after sending Chris Staros a polite email.  it listed all the books Top Shelf had published at that time … Continue reading

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American Elf is Free

It’s not just newspapers that are going free. James Kochalka of American Elf has also changed his subscription policy : the comic’s complete archive, going back to 2002, is now available free of charge. Special sections, such as the Bonus … Continue reading

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Carrot Shark

Eli Kochalka, age 4, and son of James, is guest cartoonist on The Daily Cross Hatch. I like it – it’s good to see that imagination in hereditary !

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40 Part 28 – The Cute Manifesto

This strip, from the April, 2005 Previews, will sound quite familiar to the members of the Yahoo Groups incarnation of the Comics Ephemerist. Its two final panels were our motto for a long, long time. I still think it’s quite … Continue reading

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40 Part 11 – Kochalka

Over the last few years, I’ve come to many conclusions, and had to change them all almost immediately. One of them, though still stands : James Kochalka is the best elf in contemporary comics. And although I’ve read better books … Continue reading

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