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The Actual Wild Kingdom

As Kevin Huizinga confirms on his website, this is the actual cover of his new book, for sale everywhere.

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The Big Stink

USS Catastrophe’s Kevin H and Dan Zettwoch produced a seven-page story for the Riverfront Times on the stench that the city of St Louis sometimes seems to be drenched in.  It’s a very enjoyable ramble on all kinds of things, … Continue reading

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New Strip from Kevin Huizenga !

Kevin Huizenga has started a new Glenn Ganges strip on his website.  That’s never wrong. (illustration © Kevin Huizenga)

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Amazing Facts

Amazing Facts… and beyond is a webcomic by Ted May, Kevin Huizenga and Dan Zettwoch, presenting interesting and, indeed, amazing tidbits of information about the world at large, history, inventions, your body, comics and whatever the authors are obsessed with … Continue reading

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26 Cartoonists

Dustin Harbin presents 26 Cartoonists Which He Has Recently Met And Liked.  I only know Kevin H, and judging from his portrait, the other 25 are pretty damn accurate. (Thanks, Heidi)

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