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Eraserhead by Kim

Every week the Belgian media magazine Humo publishes a strip like this by a Belgian cartoonist about a film that he or she thinks is important.  This week, Kim Duchateau brings down the essence of David Lynch’s cult film Eraserhead … Continue reading

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New Tintin movie ?

“Next !” Even though the eagerly awaited Tintin movie is still in post-production, and no final footage (or even still photography) has been made available so far, Flemish media were abuzz last week with news that director Steven Spielberg was … Continue reading

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The kinky side of smurfs

“Humiliation in Smurfish is 5 dollar extra” – From Kim Duchateau‘s Facebook gallery. (cartoon © Kim Duchateau)

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Panic Man !

Yeti is a monthly magazine for kids, published by the Flemish Government’s Department of Education.  It typically features tips on school life, combined with jokes and general zaniness.  The magazine regularly features illustrations and strips by Flemish cartoonists Nix, Kim … Continue reading

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Kim Strips Dylan, Too !

When Bob Dylan Revisited, a compilation of Dylan interpretations by the likes of Dave McKean or Lorenzo Mattotti, was published in Dutch a few weeks ago, Kim Duchateau either felt left out, or found himself quite inspired.  In any case, … Continue reading

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New Herge Museum

This cartoon by Kim Duchateau in tuesday’s De Morgen explains the result of Moulinsart’s handling of the press at the opening of the new Hergé museum in Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium.  For more, check my post at Forbidden Planet. As an aside … Continue reading

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Kim on Cannes

De Morgen cartoonist Kim Duchateau did this topical cartoon on the crisis and the Cannes festival. I like it when there’s no translation necessary…

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Happy New Year

Ever Meulen provided this year’s topical Christmas front page for the Belgian daily De Standaard, but even though there’s a manger in the centre of the picture, 2009 comes creeping in in the bottom right corner, and so I thought … Continue reading

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Kim on Comics

(“Well, at the moment the whole country is on its head (with the political crisis and all)” – “Yeah, so ?”) Kim Duchateau has a daily cartoon in the Flemish newspaper De Morgen, and he quite often manages to slip … Continue reading

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Free speech = abuse

With the Olympics finally over (and while we’re waiting on the reports on their doubtlessly disastrous long-term effect on the Chinese people, their environment and economic situation), here’s a nice cartoon from De Morgen by Flemish artist Kim Duchateau about … Continue reading

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