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A very Plunk Christmas !

I think it’s quite safe now to start reposting Christmas cards.  Plunk creator Luc Cromheecke put this one on his blog.  Nice ! (Plunk © Luc Cromheecke)

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Instead of ketchup

Indeed, in Holland, they drown their fries in mayonnaise – see the soundbite below. But apparently they’re also keen on different condiments, as this cover by Luc Cromheecke for a future issue of the Dutch comic magazine Eppo illustrates.

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PlunkBlog: Spirou 70!

Belgian comics magazine Spirou celebrates its seventieth birthday, and Plunk creator Luc Cromheecke celebrates this with a cartoon which is totally him !

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My kid done a Plunk..

and Cromheecke liked it !

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New Plunk !

Can’t get enough of this… (Plunk © Cromheecke)

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Two legends…

Two legends of Belgian comics united in one photo – what are the odds of that. Inspired by the revolving Star sign on the Mercedes-Benz headquarters building (read more about that here), the Tintin sign has graced the Lombard building … Continue reading

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New Plunk !

Hilarious ! (From PlunkBlog)

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Plunk is the bomb ! Read more about it on the Forbidden Planet blog, earlier.

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