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Jaffee lampoons DC makeover obsession

In the 1990s DC deemed their heroes’ costumes were up for a makeover. Superman got an all-blue body (or an all-red one, depending on which split. In the movies Batman’s suit got all black, and later all nipply and some … Continue reading

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Comedy Central Goes Mad For Fold-in

Oh, golly, it’s another Mad Fold-in hommage! These are from a campaign for Comedy Central in Argentina, encouraging you to combine the two images to complete the logo. Even if the resulting image is quite zany (and not really funny), … Continue reading

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Beck in a Jaffee way

Now that Al Jaffee‘s all the rage again, with the New York Times salute and all, I thought it’d be a good idea to illustrate his influence on many art forms with this video for the song Girl by Beck. … Continue reading

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Jack Davis record covers

The Hollywood Animation Archive presents some nice record covers by Mad Magazine artist Jack Davis. Turns out there’s a lot more where that came from ! However, it’s no surprise that there’s no serious Chopin recital cover in sight…

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Don’t get even…

…get Mad. Just look at this gang of idjits on what I think is one of the most important comic ads of all time (from The Vault Of Horror, 27).

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