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Quartier Lointain trailer

Apparently a Belgian movie is in the making, based on Jirō Taniguchi‘s manga Haruka na Machi e (or Quartier Lointain, in French)  This is the trailer, and I think it captures the mood of the novel very well.  Sorry, French … Continue reading

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Tintin a la manga

Just imagine what would have happened had Hergé been working today, and had he been under the influence of manga…  <shudder> (from Trentenaire, marié, 2 enfants)

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Make your own movie – read a book

Brussels bookstore Filigranes wants people to start reading instead of looking for their fix in other media.  Illustrator and cartoonist Toru Terada created the art for this ad by Belgian agency Air to communicate just that. Now, I don’t know … Continue reading

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Shintaro Kago

Manga wizard Shintaro Kago provided the copy for the latest issue of Vice Magazine. I can totally relate to this drawing. Sometimes, my head fills up so much with useless junk, that it seems to explode. Only, my eyes don’t … Continue reading

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With their Exo-Force line of products, Lego aims at cashing in on global mangamania, and on the conviction that children these days will eat anything as long as it involves giant robots, evil empires and heroes named Takeshi. And so … Continue reading

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You’re flipping the wrong way

Wired presents a thorough though concise insight in how Manga Conquered the U.S. in PDF format (with art by Atsuhisa Okura). Nothing new, but a good intro nonetheless. And it’s in comic format, which makes it even more interesting. (via … Continue reading

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