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Magical Marvel Mood Rings!

From Jeff Heerman‘s collection of paper ephemera.

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Promotional Card Sheets (2)

These promotional card sheets were for sets that Marvel published themselves in 1994, about the Marvel universe in general, and Spider-Man in particular. I particularly like the way the cards on the second sheet match like a jig-saw puzzle.

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Marvel Comics is coming !

This ad for Marvel Mystery Comics was drawn by Carl Burgos, and ran in Marvel Stories in may 1040. (thanks, Golden Age Comic Book Stories)

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40 Part 27 – Public Domain X-Men

In 1997 Marvel Comics was bankrupt, which prompted Highwater Books to release a benefit issue of their antology Goober Skeber, with alternative and small press cartoonists doing strips featuring Marvel heroes. A sort of Bizarro Comics avant la lettre. Even … Continue reading

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Comics are just for kids — or are they ?

An article from National Geographic Magazine, and an house ad from Marvel Comics, both from the sixties, but from very different worlds…

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Civil War In A Nutshell

He did it before with Infinite crisis, and once again Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog saves you a wad of cash, by summing up Marvel’s Civil War “event” in 30 seconds. Neat !

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