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History of comics in six, no, eight panels

In 2012, Matt Madden created a concise overview of the history of American comics, its trends, subjects and obsessions, using only six panels, and featuring references to Dick Tracy, R. Crumb, Watchmen and more. French comics scholar and cartoonist Nicolas … Continue reading

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Matt draws history

I knew Matt Madden has a definite penchant for comics that use constraints (either rather liberal to extremely difficult), but I didn’t think even he would pull of this stunt : present an overview of the history of US comics … Continue reading

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Dads read Bone!

Matt Madden spotted this ad in at Madrid Barajas airport in Spain. Apparently it’s not a wink-wink tip-of-the-hat name check, but a bona fide, licenced appearance. I love how the combination of boss-at-work, dad-at-home and comics are made. More!

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The history of comics in six panels

Leave it to Matt Madden to convincingly sum up the evolution of American comics in a six-panel strip, that even makes sense out of context.  Matt made this as an illustration for a rather excellent article by Paul Lopes for … Continue reading

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99 Ways to Sonify a story

Every week Marc Weidenbaum of the excellent Disquiet music website throws a sonic challenge to his audience under the monicker Disquiet Junto.  Musicians are asked to come up with an original composition based on a number of fixed constraints. Marc is … Continue reading

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Live cartooning

Over on the Drawing Words And Writing Pictures site, Matt Madden reports on a quite interesting Oubapo-like activity.  He instructed his students to draw a four-panel comic based on a series of poses by live models on a stage.  Poses, … Continue reading

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Le Sketch Augmented !

Le Sketch, our favorite scrap-art showcase, has hit the magic issue 10 landmark, and to celebrate this, they put together a compilation of 25 new sketches by all the artists that were spotlighted in the series so far.  But, instead … Continue reading

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Cartoonists Tic-tac-toe

The genius that is Matt Madden has come up with a new Oubapo-style game, in which two cartoonists make a ten-panel strip in true tic-tac-toe fashion.  He tried it out with Tom Hart, and I’m quite intrigued by the result. … Continue reading

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Matt Madden Monday In May 3

This, the third of our weekly Matt Madden specials is a bit of a treat.  Since it’s my birthday later this week, I thought it’d be nice to present you with some rare minicomics that Matt did with a few … Continue reading

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Matt Madden Monday in May 2

Our second installment of weekly Matt Madden specials, features four stickers Matt made over the years to promote local comic stores and his own graphic novel, Odds Off. (all illustrations © Matt Madden)

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