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Matt draws history

I knew Matt Madden has a definite penchant for comics that use constraints (either rather liberal to extremely difficult), but I didn’t think even he would pull of this stunt : present an overview of the history of US comics … Continue reading

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Dads read Bone!

Matt Madden spotted this ad in at Madrid Barajas airport in Spain. Apparently it’s not a wink-wink tip-of-the-hat name check, but a bona fide, licenced appearance. I love how the combination of boss-at-work, dad-at-home and comics are made. More!

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The history of comics in six panels

Leave it to Matt Madden to convincingly sum up the evolution of American comics in a six-panel strip, that even makes sense out of context.  Matt made this as an illustration for a rather excellent article by Paul Lopes for … Continue reading

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99 Ways to Sonify a story

Every week Marc Weidenbaum of the excellent Disquiet music website throws a sonic challenge to his audience under the monicker Disquiet Junto.  Musicians are asked to come up with an original composition based on a number of fixed constraints. Marc is … Continue reading

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Live cartooning

Over on the Drawing Words And Writing Pictures site, Matt Madden reports on a quite interesting Oubapo-like activity.  He instructed his students to draw a four-panel comic based on a series of poses by live models on a stage.  Poses, … Continue reading

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Le Sketch Augmented !

Le Sketch, our favorite scrap-art showcase, has hit the magic issue 10 landmark, and to celebrate this, they put together a compilation of 25 new sketches by all the artists that were spotlighted in the series so far.  But, instead … Continue reading

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Cartoonists Tic-tac-toe

The genius that is Matt Madden has come up with a new Oubapo-style game, in which two cartoonists make a ten-panel strip in true tic-tac-toe fashion.  He tried it out with Tom Hart, and I’m quite intrigued by the result. … Continue reading

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