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Forgive me father, for I have sinned…

It’s been more than three months since my last post, and even then my output was at best sketchy. But on my daily walk today, the Holy Spirit Of Blogging came over me again, and I could not help but … Continue reading

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Comics + Chocolate = Mmmm

This must be the best comics-related merchandising I’ve seen in months : Paul-themed chocolate, with artwork by Michel Rabagliati.  In three flavours, no less ! (via Drawn & Quarterly)

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Hellboy sneakers

Adidas goes cross-branding in a big way, and jumps the shark in one swell swoop. (via Brainstorm #9)

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Puma Basket 68 Comic Book Print

Apparently, these sneakers are are called Comic Book Print, because of the design, which mimicks the 1970’s newsprint style of comic coloring.  They’re available in Germany, in black and, well, more colorful. (via Sneaker Files – I admit, I do … Continue reading

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Word bubble plates

Dishwasher safe, no less.  Get them here. (via SwissMiss)

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Just in time for Christmas

€ 40 – 75. More info here. It’s interesting to see how Swatch caters to the fans of the original, purist, black-and-white Corto, and to the watercolor Corto aficcionados at the same time. Personally, I like the second one more.

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Loaded Blanks Postcards

What a great idea – Loaded Blanks is offering a range of postcards featuring short comics with blank dialogue balloons. That way, you are able to tweak the story to your liking or to the message you want to get … Continue reading

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