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Christmas at the airport

Not only has Nick Lowe created one of the very few new Christmas songs that are not pure novelty and irony (and still manage a satisfactory amount of tongue-in-cheek), the official video to Christmas At The Airport was created by … Continue reading

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Snake And Bacon Live

Appartently Michael Kupperman had an Adult Swim pilot for  an live-and-animation show featuring his characters Snake And Bacon.  The series was not picked up, though – probably to weird, even for Adult Swim. (via Mike Lynch)

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Kupperman for Kids

Michael Kupperman applies his twisted sense of humor for kids’ comics (in Nickelodeon Magazine). (Artwork © Viacom International 2008)

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Los Bros Kupperman

Michael “Tales Designed To Thrizzle” Kupperman emulates the very recognizable Hernandez style in this illustration for an article for the New Yorker (march 2, 2003).

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