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Hellboy Online Slot Machine

I only have two possible explanations for this.  Either Mike Mignola and/or Dark Horse desparately needed a second jacuzzi on the porch of their third house, or some deluded marketing maven thought it would be a good idea to promote … Continue reading

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Mike does Conan

Super Punch tracks back an old Conan the Barbarian cover by none other than Mike Mignola.  Skeleton included, naturally. (Conan © 2008 Conan Properties International LLC)

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Mike Mignola makes everything scary

Here’s Mike Mignola‘s take on the old joke of the chicken and the road (from Nick Magazine Presents – yes, we have a theme here). (artwork © Mike Mignola)

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Hellboy is a comic, remember ?

This is nice : an animated comic used as a prequel / backstory / trailer for the upcoming Hellboy 2 : The Golden Army, by Mike Mignola himself.

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Hellboy 2 – scary !

FirstShowing.net announces the new Hellboy movie (aptly called “Hellboy 2” ) ! I liked the first one the way I like white chocolate. I just hope the second one won’t make me feel nauseous the way too much white chocolate … Continue reading

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Mike Mignola for Pan’s Labyrinth

This magnificent poster for Pan’s Labyrinth (which I haven’t seen yet, sadly) was done by none other than Mike Mignola ! (via Doug Jones, the guy who plays the “pale man” in Pan’s Labyrinth and the Silver Surfer in, well, … Continue reading

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40 Part 15 – The Origin Of Hellboy Jr

This strip was created by Bill Wray and Mike Mignola to announce the Hellboy Jr comic in Previews (1997).

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