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Brunetti covers the New Yorker (again)

It looks like Ivan Brunetti is becoming one of the favorites for New Yorker covers. This particular one graces the current issue (September 23), celebrating the new look of the magazine’s city listings.  Read more on the New Yorker blog. … Continue reading

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Brunetti celebrates halloween

On the New Yorker’s Halloween issue’s cover, Ivan Brunetti goes all the way in celebrating popular culture.  Love the four Jack Nicholsons DeNiros (thanks, Stephanie), the two Elivses and the slighlty pudgy Olive Oyl.  And, of course, the obligatory super-heroes. … Continue reading

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Money, honey ?

The October 11 issue of the New Yorker magazine features a wonderful cover by Chris Ware, which leads on to an exclusive 2 page strip inside.  I’m always amazed how Ware manages to add levels of meaning, making his work … Continue reading

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Tomine’s Sketchbook

Adrian Tomine hits quite close to home in the most recent issue of the New Yorker Magazine.  Glad I passed that stage ! (comic © Adrian Tomine)

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Tomine Covers The New Yorker

If the Adrian Tomine News blog can publish Tomine’s new New Yorker cover, I guess it’s all-right for us to do so, too.  After all, it’s a magnificent cover.

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Superman’s got problems

Farley Katz gives a rare insight in Superman’s personal problems in this week’s New Yorker.

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This Literary Life

This week’s New Yorker sports a cover by Chris Ware that serves as an encouragement or warning for all young literary hopefuls.  Or for everyone of us, since this new work is yet another illustration of that great Warean adagio, … Continue reading

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