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Symbolia (Yahoo Group Recap)

Cartoon Symbolia is a very intertaining and enlightening comic by Dash Shaw about all those loose lines that are scattered through comics and strips, having all kinds of meanings. The lighter side of semiotics, as it were. Highly recommendable

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Nothing Garfield

Here’s a nice mashup with “stock” Garfield images that I received from a cartoonist who requested to remain anonymous. Somehow this luminary succeeded in transforming this daily comical cartoon into an existential drama of Beckett-like proportions. As another luminary (this … Continue reading

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Stolen Birthday Present

On the Oubapo America mailing list, Derik “Madinkbeard” Badman announces a new constraint : the Stolen Birthday Present, a collage of panels from strips that were published on his birthday (see the original post for the complete strip). The story … Continue reading

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Five Obstructions

Inspired by Lars “Dogma” Von Trier (about whom I would very much like to read a freudian psychological analysis, mind you), Tom Hart challenged his friend and co-oubapo-ist Matt Madden to challenge him with five obstructions in a comic strip. … Continue reading

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22 Little Panels Project

Peter Venables takes Wally Wood’s “22 Panels That Always Work” one step further in the 22 Little Panels Project. This Oubapo-like project challenges cartoonists to draw their own comic, using only Wood’s panels in sequence. Venables own comic is quite … Continue reading

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