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Mutts pummels Marvel

It is quite uncertain how their pummeling of the Hulk with acorns will end up for Patrick McDonnell’s Bip and Bop, but it is a very fitting end of a whole week of strips guest starring Marvel characters ranging from … Continue reading

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Mutts no worry

Mutts creator Patrick McDonnell knows his classics, that’s for sure. This strip ran on May 25, 2013. (Mutts © 2013 Patrick McDonnell)

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Mutts Goes Meta With Mondrian

In today’s Mutts strip, Patrick McDonnell pays hommage to Dutch modernist painter Piet Mondrian. And while he’s at it, he has his characters get all meta about his own medium. Better than your average Sunday comic, if you ask me. … Continue reading

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Explainers a la McDonnell

Here’s a recent Mutts strip, paying hommage to Jules Feiffer‘s inimitable (and insufferable) eplainers. (click the image for a larger version – Mutts 2012 © Patrick McDonnell)

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Mutts goes blackout

The Mutts mailing list always sends out comics that are two weeks old, and so I didn’t see this one before today, but I immensely like it. And I think it’s especially meant for Austin Kleon. Heh : (Mutts © … Continue reading

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Standing on the shoulders of giants

The inimitable Van Reid pointed this one out to me.  Patrick McDonnell is known for the way he salutes cartoonists he respects and admires.  This Mutts Christmas strip from 2007, albeit wonderfully zen in its own right, turns out to be … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. Watterson

In my pantheon of comic strip artists, Bill Watterson is way up high in the lonely clouds.  He’ll probably be in the company of other insanely great cartoonists (Charles Schulz, Patrick McDonnell, Winsor McCay, George Herriman), but his chair will … Continue reading

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A heppy lend

I’m sure they’re not interested in my opinion, but I don’t think Earl and Mooch need a GPS.  I’d welcome any car that would bring me to a “heppy lend — fur, fur awa-a-ay” all by itself.  But that’s me, … Continue reading

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Meat the Beetles

As far as I’m concerned, this is the best Mutts storyline so far. It’s got everything : dead pan logic, Beatles, wordplay, and, of course, Earl and Mooch. Patrick McDonnell rules the comics ! (Mutts © Patrick McDonnell )

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40 Part 26 – Nutcracker

I don’t know if this CD cover illustration by Patrick McDonnell ever was actually used, but I sure hope so. On the other hand, for classical CD covers by cartoonists, check out the Classical Bytes collection by Deutsche Grammophon, which … Continue reading

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