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Shaner, Gaiman, Schulz

It’s Sunday, it’s cold outside and I’m huddled up with books. Can’t really think of anything better to post today than this old Evan “Doc” Shaner piece from before he was a hot shot artist. It’s got the Morpheus and … Continue reading

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Peanuts Fashion

Some five years ago I met a woman in a department store who wore a summer dress with a comics print that looked as if it had been lifted from Love and Rockets (or 100 Bullets, the jury is still … Continue reading

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When Charlie met Mafalda

Using only samples from Peanuts and Mafalda strips, and speech bubbles from the latter, Vincente José created a new comic that reveals both Quino’s and Schulz’s main characters to be rather unpleasant little brats, with Charlie Brown laughing at Mafalda … Continue reading

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Styles and characters

Finnish cartoonist Jaakko Seppälä created this overview of ten iconic comic characters as drawn in each of their typical styles. Left to right, we see Albert Uderzo (Astérix), Bill Watterson (Calvin), Carl Barks (or another Donald Duck artist), Hergé (Haddock), … Continue reading

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Strips Stamps Done Right

Back when the US Postal Services decided to celebrate America’s classic comic strips with a set of post stamps, Mad Magazine‘s Steve Greenberg gave them a run for their money. This is what the stamps should have been like. (From … Continue reading

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Peanuts Road Safety

Found this on Reddit.  I’ve seen devices like these before, but this is the first time that features Peanuts characters in a Beatles stylee.  Nice.

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Nanoblock comics

Christopher Tan is a Nanoblock enthusiast who regularly posts new comics-based designs on his Facebook page.  These models are typically a quarter of the size of comparable Lego designs, and I think they’re pretty cute.

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Norah is a Shroederette

This magnificent poster for a Norah Jones concert was conceived and created by cartoonist and music illustrator Matt Leunig.  Prints are available !

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Good Comic + Mash = Better Comic

Two comic mash-ups made my day recently.  The Nietzsche Family Circus, which combines quotes from Friedrich Nietzsche with random Family Circus cartoons, and @Peanutweeter, which does about the same with fragments from Peanuts and assorted real-life tweets.  Splendid ! (via … Continue reading

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Real Peanuts

Phil Jones (of Birds Of Pray fame) created a quite splendid t-shirt of the Peanuts gang, as represented by, well, peanuts. Buy it at Threadless.

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