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You’re in existential doubt, Charlie Brown

Remember Garfield Minus Garfield or Calvin Without Hobbes, and how removing one element from a popular strip suddenly added a whole layer of existential angst ?  Well, here is the nec plus ultra of the genre, and it’s even more … Continue reading

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New Peanuts movie !

At the end of the month, the new Peanuts feature, Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown, will be released on DVD.  And even though Warner Premiere had a normal trailer made to promote the video, they also compiled this … Continue reading

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You’re a work of art, Charlie Brown

It would seem that Banksy has landed in Los Angeles, and has already been quite active.  The Wooster Collective showcases three works that are attributed to the British street art maestro, one of which featuring Charlie Brown being very naughty … Continue reading

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The Real Snoopy

In my opinion, Robert Goodin’s Covered project is one of the most interesting experiments in cartoon art on the web for the moment.  The dialogue between the original art and the covered version is always interesting, often inspiring and surprising … Continue reading

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You’re a snob, Charlie Brown

When I was in my teens, Lacoste shirts belonged on the same shelf as Sebago shoes, Millet jackets and Chipie jeans : only fils-à-papa snobs wore them.  All the really cool kids wore black, and wouldn’t be caught dead with … Continue reading

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Lost Peanuts

The Pooda webcomic portal seems to be heavily under construction, but luckily the Gun Show player is live, with a pretty good Lost parody in the trusted Peanuts style.  By K.C. Green. (strip © Pooda)

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Stan and Schroeder Jam

I knew Stan Getz had style, but this album cover from 1978 kind of suprised me. (Peanuts © United Feature Syndicate, Inc.)

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Oh dear…

Schroeder looks quite dead in this poster for a Matt Ritchie exhibition at Autobody Fine Art in Alameda. (via Super Punch)

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They must feel awful

Charlie Brown promoting cars.  Whatever next ? (via Vintage Ads)

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Reduce to the max

German artist Andy Awesome creates huge four-panel acrylic paintings representing all kinds of elements from all kinds of areas of pop culture. Whether it’s Wolverine or Darth Vader, Mario or a slice of sausage, it all fits in Andy’s 2×2 … Continue reading

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