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Peter Kuper fights back

Peter Kuper finds new motiviation in an increasingly paperless world, in the May 2 issue of the New York Times. (via Gene Kannenberg)

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Kuper for Zozolala

Issue 159 of the excellent (free !) Dutch comics review magazine Zozolala features an interesting interview with illustrator and cartoonist Peter Kuper. And on that occasion, Kuper provided the magazine with an exclusive cover illustration. (ill. © Peter Kuper)

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Captain Nemo ?

This is a pretty cool Captain America vs Little Nemo mashup by Peter Kuper.

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Peter Kuper on Animal Man

Been reading some old Vertigo books again, lately, and I came across these Animal Man books. I never realised that Peter Kuper did other stuff for Vertigo besides The System, but there you go…

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