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Dickie moves!

Boerke (or Dickie, as he is known around the world, see also earlier), Flemish cartoonist Pieter De Poortere’s hapless hero celebrates his twentieth birthday!  To celebrate that glorious occasion, a new collection of strips was recently published full to the … Continue reading

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The Brusseler, peike!

With The Brusseler (probably prononounced more like The Brusselair, I guess), the Brussels Maison de L’Image wants to pay tribute to the iconic covers of the equally iconic magazine, The New Yorker, by bringing together Belgian and international artists and illustrators … Continue reading

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No sourpuss behind the wheel!

As a part of their long-term Go For Zero plan (aimed at reducing the number of deaths by traffic accidents to zero), Belgium’s road safety agency BIVV is currently running a campaign against drivers’ bad temper. Campaign materials include radio … Continue reading

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He’s a plumber, after all

Pieter De Poortere never ceases to amaze when he drops a new Boerke/Dickie comic every week for Flemish media magazine Focus. Boerke’s latest feat casts him as a reincarnation of Mario, but in his case, he stays close to the … Continue reading

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Find Sinterklaas With Pieter De Poortere

In the runup to the yearly visit of Sinterklaas (the Dutch and Flemish version of Santa Claus, who visits every year on December 5) Pieter de Poortere created this child-friendly version of his famous Where’s Wally-like pictures. The illustration is … Continue reading

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A late look back on 2012

I’m currently taking advantage of the weekend to weed out my ever-growing stack of magazines, and I came across this illustration by our very own Pieter de Poortere in Flemish entertainment and media magazine Focus, looking back at the year … Continue reading

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Bangarang with Brecht and Pieter

On the occasion of the exhibition La Boîte A Gand, which will present the visitors of the he Angoulême Festival to new Flemish creative comic talent, a special magazine was produced by The Flemish Literary Fund (Vlaams Fonds voor de … Continue reading

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Zone 30

The city of Leuven, where I work, has recently introduced a new regulation, which limits the maximum speed to 30 km/h within city limits.  I am not going to open up a discussion here on whether this will have any … Continue reading

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Flemish Comics In the World

When Flanders was one of the featured regions at the most recent festival in Angoulème, Pieter De Poortere created this illustration for the Flemish media weekly, Focus Knack. If you recognize 7 out of these 14 comics characters (as impersonated … Continue reading

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Boerke for Life

Every year around Christmas Studio Brussel, Belgium’s biggest rock station, organises Music For Life, an awareness campaign to raise money for an urgent issue that the Red Cross is working on.  This year the money that is collected via the … Continue reading

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