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The Return Of the Damned Condiment

It is starting again. Beware…

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Blast from the past, in a new bottle

If you’ve been an Ephemerist regular for a while, you probably will remember my run-in with Quechup a while ago. If not, just have a look at the posts – it’s OK, I can handle it now; Quechup and I … Continue reading

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Quechupdate (couldn’t resist it)

I-date Ltd., the people behind the social networking platform Quechup (which I happened to blog about in the past), issued a press statement last week in which they announced changing the Quechup sign-up procedure after “criticism in recent weeks”. Indeed, … Continue reading

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Once more quechup

Chris Hambly has some interesting things to say about Quechup (a previous post currently accounts for about 60 % off all traffic to the Ephemerist), and more particularly about its signup process. His logic lacks a little, methinks. Just read … Continue reading

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Hold the Quechup

update – I’ve removed the article about my run-in with Quechup.com. If you want to read it, drop me a line. I just didn’t want new visitors to be confronted with a full page slab of text and run away.

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