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Crumb in Eeklo

From a recent issue of the Flemish weekly Humo comes this sketch by R. Crumb. He drew it in the guest book of Music club N9 in Eeklo when he played there with the Cheap Suit Serenaders in 1998. With … Continue reading

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That Other Genesis

Inspired by Robert Crumb’s fascinating take on Genesis, here‘s Village Voice‘s Ward Sutton imagining what it would be like if Crumb re-imagined that other Genesis.  An incredibly well-wrought cartoon if ever there was one. (Thanks to Rich Pettus)

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Do keep on

Get it ?  It says “keep on truckin’”, and it’s on a truck ? (via mental_floss)

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Vanessa Davis on Crumb

Vanessa Davis reviews Crumb’s Genesis for Tablet Magazine, and reflects on the influence that Crumb had on her becoming a cartoonist herself. I promise I’ll shut up about Crumb for a while now. (Strip ©2009 Vanessa Davis. via Journalista)

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Even More Crumb

Austin Kleon went to a talk between  Robert Crumb, Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly.  And he took notes as only he can. (artwork © Austin Kleon – Creative Commons license)

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When giants meet

Dutch illustration and graphic design genius Joost Swarte recenty met up with Robert Crumb in his home in the south of France to discuss the Dutch edition of Genesis.  And he asked him some questions for the November issue of … Continue reading

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Crumb in Richmond

Rob ‘Atom Bomb Bikini’ Ullman recently had dinner with Robert Crumb and reported on the experience in his regular Traffic & Weather column for Richmond Magazine.

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