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Invisible Goldberg

In the end, there’s few things as satisfying to watch as a video of a Goldberg machine, that gloriously grand but totally useless type of contraption named after cartoonist Rube Goldberg, who delighted audiences with his zany inventions when comics … Continue reading

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Rube Goldberg lives!

It is clear to me – comic genius Rube Goldberg‘s spirit is alive and well, and has taken possession of Joseph Herscher. But whereas Goldberg used the popular visual medium of his day, the newspaper comic strip, to promote his inventions, … Continue reading

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A heppy trep

As part of the Brooklyn Rail magazine’s new online comics section, cartoonist T. Motley finally reveals what makes Offissa Pupp tick, in a wonderful mashup of Rube Goldberg and Krazy Kat, with some additional classic comic strip characters thrown in … Continue reading

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Modern living with Rube Goldberg

Joseph Herscher has quite an inventive way to turn the page of the newspaper he’s reading, all by taking a sip of his coffee.  Goldberg is alive ! More info at the New York Times website.

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Rube Goldberg in the Photo Studio

There’s always room for one more Rube Goldberg machine, especially if it’s centred around a theme like this one. It’s got everything – even the OK Go ! guys, and a rolling cog !

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Goldberg never ages

The video to OK Go’s new single, This Too Shall Pass, is one of the best Rube Goldberg machines I’ve ever seen.  check out YouTube for a hi-res version. For more Goldberg machines in and around the house, click here, … Continue reading

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Peugeot goes all Goldberg, with a twist

French auto maker Peugeot wants you to only use genuine Peugeot products, lest your car may become unreliable.  For that purpose, they thought up some clever Goldberg machines, which somehow remind me of this, albeit with a twist. (from Frederik … Continue reading

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“For Brain And Brawn” – Rube Goldberg for Pepsi

Here’s a real gem for you all. In 1942, the one and only Rube Goldberg made this strip for Pepsi Cola. It appeared on august 16, but I’m not sure in which papers. Goldberg (1883-1970) was one of the most … Continue reading

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