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Carl goes Commercial

Sooner or later all good ideas get “picked up” by an ad agency.  Here we see Scott McCloud’s seminal Carl series repurposed for antibacterial contact lens fluid, by Y&R of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  And not half bad, either. (via I Believe in … Continue reading

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Google+ gives cartoonists room to roam

Leave it to Ubergeek Scott McCloud to discover a novel way to create comics, using the scrapbook on your Google+ profile page.  This allows you to upload five images, which in turn is just the incentive sequential artists need to … Continue reading

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Google celebrates Eisner

To mark what would have been the 94th birthday of the founding father of graphic novels, on March 5 Google graced its search page with a doodle featuring Will Eisner‘s best-known character, the Spirit, and the word “Google” spelled with … Continue reading

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2 pictures = story

This campaign by Jung von Matt for the 13th Street thriller TV channel, is a good illustration of Scott McCloud’s idea that one image sets a scene, whereas two images tell a story. (via Ads Of The World)

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Misunderstanding Comics

This wonderful Scott McCloud spoof was created by James Turner for the rather splenderific Super Comics Adventure Squad blog, which presents new work and updates from cartoonists who were involved in the, now defunct,  UK magazine, The DFC. (via Joe)

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McCloud a la Belge

Coiffeur Pour Dames, the Belgian cartoon and graphic design collective that was responsible for the El Rios pages in Le Soir last summer, has struck again.  They have hijacked the most recent issue of the all media magazine Vif Focus, … Continue reading

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Scott McCloud at TED

  Here’s Scott McCloud talking at the TED conference in 2005.  Talking about comics, of course, the infinite canvas and abstration, but I particularly like the way he links his theories about comics to his biographical background. (thanks to Darko … Continue reading

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Understanding Google Chrome

Over the past few hours, Google has managed to create a great hubbub by announcing out of the blue that they will be launching their new browser, codenamed Chrome, in beta later today.  It is supposed to present a revolution … Continue reading

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Yeah ! What he said !

This great piece of comics criticism was lifted from The Spirit #19, written by Mark Evanier and Sergio Aragonés with art by Paul Rivoche (DC Comics, september 2008).  I don’t think Scott McCloud could have put it better.  And it … Continue reading

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Never Been

Never Been, a nine meter long wordless narrative scroll by Stuart Kolakovic, is now completely available online ! It’s a magnificent tale of loss and regret, beautifully rendered in Kolakovic’s trademark style, combining contemporary cartoon elements and references to traditional … Continue reading

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