Comic moguls read the Economist

France has comics in its DNA, and so it’s no surprise that students at the Paris art direction and design school ESAG Penninghen came up with a campaign for leading economy magazine The Economist featuring comics’ most famous capitalist moguls, Mr Burns (The Simpsons), Scrooge Mc Duck (or Picsou, as they will probably know him) and “billionaire in jeans” Largo Winch from Philippe Francq and Jean Van Hamme’s BD series of the same name.

The artwork seems to be largely swiped from the original sources, but at least they made sure that characters’ chairs match their styles.

(via Ads of the World)

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Simpsons go superheroes

IMG_8564The Simpsons Tapped Out, the official Simpsons game on IOS and Android, launched a new story arch earlier this week, and it’s all about superheroes. The story is still in its early stages, with Fallout Boy running around after the death of Radioactive Man and Homer playing the part of Pie Man.

IMG_8565 IMG_8570

Players are asked to help their superhero characters by tapping some very stereotypical evil-doers, who then explode with Batman-like visual sound effects.

And because comics require specific formal restrictions, the in-story narratives are presented as comic panels, while the original Simpsons font has been replaced by something that resembles “typical comic book” lettering.

In term of play, of course, the update has the same dynamic as the previous ones – you tap specific characters to get special tokens, which you can save up to buy special edition buildings or characters. But as ever, execution is flawless, and the game has plenty of very Simpsonsesque zaniness. The game also features a title screen that takes you back to the silver age of Marvel superhero comics.

(If you want, you can find me on the EA Origin platform as Sparehed – let’s tap together!)

Homer Simpson on the Graveyard of Comics Past


It’s the first week of October, and for fans of the Simpsons Tapped Out game, that means that the yearly special Halloween edition has launched.

This year the edition’s splash screen shows Homer running away from the user’s tapping finger, as is customary. Less usual, though, is the setting : a graveyard with some remarkable headstones, commemorating the bonus points of last year’s Halloween game (which are no longer worth one bit), bipartisanship (which needs no further comment in the current climate), console gaming (which may be a bit soon, judging from the succes of GTA V) and also Life In Hell. Indeed, one year after Matt Groening finally finished his seminal comic strip, it has found a final resting place on Springfield’s graveyard…

The Simpsons, Zettwoch Style


Dan Zettwoch did the cover for this year’s current Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror special in his own, trademark style.  Check out his blog for early sketches, and for info on an expo at Family in LA, where Sammy Harkham, Matt Groening, Jeffrey Brown, Jordan Crane, and Tim Hensley will also be signing copies.