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Comic moguls read the Economist

France has comics in its DNA, and so it’s no surprise that students at the Paris art direction and design school ESAG Penninghen came up with a campaign for leading economy magazine The Economist featuring comics’ most famous capitalist moguls, … Continue reading

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Simpsons go superheroes

The Simpsons Tapped Out, the official Simpsons game on IOS and Android, launched a new story arch earlier this week, and it’s all about superheroes. The story is still in its early stages, with Fallout Boy running around after the … Continue reading

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Homer Simpson on the Graveyard of Comics Past

It’s the first week of October, and for fans of the Simpsons Tapped Out game, that means that the yearly special Halloween edition has launched. This year the edition’s splash screen shows Homer running away from the user’s tapping finger, … Continue reading

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The Simpsons, Zettwoch Style

Dan Zettwoch did the cover for this year’s current Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror special in his own, trademark style.  Check out his blog for early sketches, and for info on an expo at Family in LA, where Sammy Harkham, Matt … Continue reading

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The Color Of Comics

Comex Paints claims they can match any color.  Even iconic ones (and even more after the click).

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Bart Simpson loves Tintin

Big news in the Belgian daily De Standaard : everybody’s favorite all-american disfunctional youngster Bart Simpson turns out to be a Tintin fan.  In the episode In the name of the grandfather, the Simpson family takes a trip through Europe, … Continue reading

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A Car For Big Hair

We’ve seen ad campaigns with big cartoon hair before, and here is another one, for the Mini Cooper Cabrio. (from Ads of the World)

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Steven De Rie

Flemish cartoonist Steven De Rie created this poster for the 20th edition of the Wilrijk Comics Festival. Try and find all references to characters and comics-related news items.

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Branding adds to playability, for once

I’m not much of a gamer – my favorite games are those little ditties that I can grasp in no time, that don’t take hours to boot up and configure, and that I can play whenever I have like five … Continue reading

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League of Extraordinary Freelancers

Yesterday on The Simpsons : Art Spiegelman, Alan Moore and Dan Clowes appear at a cooler comics store than Comic Book Guy’s. More pictures at scans_daily.

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