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New prehistoric stamps for Conz, and also Smurfs

Flemish cartoonist Conz (pseudonym for Constantijn Van Cauwenberge) is turning into the go-to guy for the Belgian postal services when it comes to designs about prehistoric fauna and flora. After his dinosaur series from 2014, Conz recently announced on his … Continue reading

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Smurfs are from everywhere

It would seem that what is currently commonly known as commercial property development in comics (i.e. creation of a comic for a different reason than basically telling a story, but rather to sell stuff or prepare for a movie deal) is … Continue reading

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Stamp overload : Swiss Smurfs

I’ll admit I’ve been quite monomaniacal on this blog lately, but it has just come to my attention that from next week onwards, you can get two new stamps from the Swiss Post Office, featuring the world’s favorite blue gnomes. … Continue reading

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Smurfy Chocolate Goodness

Continuing on the comics-related candy theme, here’s a wonderful new box of Smurfs-shaped chocolates by Belgian chocolatier Neuhaus.  They had been making these chocolates for a while, but now they have repackaged them in a beautiful gift tin in the … Continue reading

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Comic sweets

I’m on some kind of a diet for the moment. So I’m not at all surprised (even though I’m a bit miffed about it) that I see comics-branded sweets all over town now. But I still take pictures of them.

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We smurf fashion

Any reason is good enough to present some more smurfiness, and this time it comes courtesy of an anonymous spotter and the British Daily Mail. They ran some artwork by Italian cartoonist and illustrato AleXsandro Palombo, featuring all sorts of fashion … Continue reading

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Lego heroes

Lego never fails to present awesome ads, referencing well-known elements from popular culture.  The iconic nature of the BD characters used here is that great that it’s probably not even necessary to tell who they are (but you can cheat … Continue reading

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Nanoblock comics

Christopher Tan is a Nanoblock enthusiast who regularly posts new comics-based designs on his Facebook page.  These models are typically a quarter of the size of comparable Lego designs, and I think they’re pretty cute.

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The Olympic Smurfs

Since I haven’ been posting a lot lately, and because it’s Christmas after all, here’s a bit of a treat.  In 1980, the Smurfs were the official mascot for the Belgian Olympic team for the Moscow Summer Olympics.  On that … Continue reading

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Pixar animator Austin Madison managed to bring together two of my favourite characters that I was sure I’d never see merged. (illustration © Austin Madison; Smurfs © Peyo – © IMPS – All rights reserved)

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