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The Ladies’ Smurfs

Belgian fashion designer Murielle Scherre just wrote the business manifest for her La Fille d’O lingerie brand on her blog, not as a Powerpoint or a boring PDF, but rather as a slideshow of Smurf images and deep truths.  Now … Continue reading

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Smurfs trailer

I don’t know.  It feels like they took something from my youth and got all Frankenstein on its ass.

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Smurfs in Shanghai

As I mentioned earlier on the Forbidden Planet Blog, the hosts of the Belgian pavillion at the current World Expo in Shanghai, China are the Smurfs.  My wife and her brother recently had the opportunity to visit the Expo, and … Continue reading

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The real Dances With Smurfs

Blue people flying around on, well, flying animals ?   Benoit Perroud gives us his take on Avatar…

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Yes, smurfs are blue…

… and even more so if you apply spot coloring in your photo !  Incidentally, I love the Schleig Smurfs figurines – the fact that they have so much character makes them ideal for posing, as this photo proves. (photo … Continue reading

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The kinky side of smurfs

“Humiliation in Smurfish is 5 dollar extra” – From Kim Duchateau‘s Facebook gallery. (cartoon © Kim Duchateau)

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Clothes make the Comic Character

As proven by this campaign by Euro RSCG in Puerto Rico, clothes do make the man, also in comics.  Artwork by Israel García and Pablo Silva.

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The Color Of Comics

Comex Paints claims they can match any color.  Even iconic ones (and even more after the click).

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Why Marsupilami Rules

 I adore comics that refer to other comics, and preferably in a very disrespectful-but-still-loving way.  This page on why the Marsupilami rules the Franco-Belgian comic waves, was published in Spirou 3684, and was created by Tébo (short for Frédéric Thébault), … Continue reading

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Smurfs wars !

Marcello Braga of Brasil has conceived a scenario of what happens to the Smurfs after they finally beat and kill Gargamel and Azrael, and Papa Smurf finally has died of old age.  It’s hard-hitting and pocket-sized ! I don’t know … Continue reading

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