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Fruit ‘n’ veg are the real heroes

Even though you can tell that this was done in an ad school (there are no inches of copyright information to start with), I thoroughly dig these ads promoting healthy food.  Not only are the visuals very creatively imagined, the … Continue reading

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Donors are superheroes

Donors save lives, which is, incidentally, what real superheroes do. Simple message, perfectly executed for this campaign from the government of the State of Ceará, Brasil. Also, it struck me that they only use heroes with real superpowers (so, no … Continue reading

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Not so super now

Even the superest of superheroes sometimes has an off-day. William Wray seems to catch them when they are most unaware of an audience, when they are just in the middle of the daily drudge, or when they simply lack the … Continue reading

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The Goddamn Toy Batman

Now and then I come across these comics mashups buy a guy called Timothy Lim aka ninjaink, and I just love them! It seems that the longer Watterson leaves Calvin and Hobbes alone, the more brilliant their stories become. (via How To Carve … Continue reading

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Being a Superhero is expensive

Together with Samsung, Mashable has calculated how much it costs being a superhero. For five iconic Marvel and DC Comics characters (Batman, Superman, Wolverine, Spider-man and the Hulk), they added up the costs when they first started out, and the … Continue reading

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The secret life of Super-heroes

Designer and illustrator Grégoire Guillemin collects a number of candid snapshots into the life of super-hero icons when they’re not in frame. And that makes from some more or less revealing extreme closeups. (via Design Taxi)

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Tiny Spider-Man

This Spider-man street art piece is excellent.  Tiny, but (or therefore) excellent. (From Reddit)

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