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Get your epigone

You still have two days to support Jan Truyens’s pledge drive for the production of his wonderful comic, About God His Brother And Other Fine Meats., narrating the story of an old man who, after his demise, ends up in … Continue reading

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Belgian comics post stamps 2014

For this year, the Belgian Post Office is planning three comics-themed issues, it appears from an overview on philately site Philandria (try finding these on the official BPost site, though).

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Comic sweets

I’m on some kind of a diet for the moment. So I’m not at all surprised (even though I’m a bit miffed about it) that I see comics-branded sweets all over town now. But I still take pictures of them.

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Fantasio to Ray Banana

In the October 14 issue of Spirou Magazine, Clear line cartoonist, and one time Blake and Mortimer artist Ted Benoit morphs famed characters Spirou and Fantasio into his own creations, private eye Ray Banana and his femme de chambre Thelma … Continue reading

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Spirou Salutes the classics

Much as the regular Spirou Et Fantasio series is getting rather tiresome, the spin-off series, Une Avonture de Spirou et Fantasio is nothing less than fantastic.  The most recent addition to this collection, Schwartz and Yann’s Le Groom Vert-de-Gris, is … Continue reading

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Bravo, Emile !

French cartoonist Emile Bravo drew this beautiful image for the BD A Bastia 2009 festival.  Bravo was also the creative genius behind Le Journal d’Un Ingénue, which told an alternative origin story of classic BD hero Spirou.

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PlunkBlog: Spirou 70!

Belgian comics magazine Spirou celebrates its seventieth birthday, and Plunk creator Luc Cromheecke celebrates this with a cartoon which is totally him !

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Spirou Reference

Belgian tennis godess Justine Henin has invested in the Belgian basketball team Spirous (Charleroi). Hence this cartoon by Vincent Rif from L’Echo de la Bourse. By the way, hello to all readers from the Justine Henin forum ! Welcome to … Continue reading

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Real life Franquin

Late last year I visited the “World of Franquin” exhibition in Brussels with my kids. It was a great show, with lots of real life objects that were lifted from several Spirou and Gaston stories that Franquin did. I was … Continue reading

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Spirou Stamps (continued)

This is the last post I’ll write about the fake stamps that were included with the comics weekly Spirou in 2001. In order to make enough fuzz about this campaign, the first issue also contained a few stamp-themed features and … Continue reading

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