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First Class Stamps (3) – It’s A Bird!

You’d think that super-heroes make a good theme for post stamps. After all, even the blandest version of the man-in-tights is iconic enough to appeal to a great audience. Not so, though. Naturally, there are stamps galore from the “exotic” … Continue reading

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Superman and Calvin

Comic Book Resources has been running a surprising and entertaining feature lately, Comic Book Easter Eggs, chronicling cross-references and cheeky winks in comic books and graphic novels. In their most recent column, they list a few guest appearances of Bill … Continue reading

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Being a Superhero is expensive

Together with Samsung, Mashable has calculated how much it costs being a superhero. For five iconic Marvel and DC Comics characters (Batman, Superman, Wolverine, Spider-man and the Hulk), they added up the costs when they first started out, and the … Continue reading

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Mass Murderer of Steel

Judging from his Mass Murderer of Steel review-in-game-format, I guess Kyle Baker didn’t care much for the last part of Man of Steel…

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Superheroes with or without hair on their faces

What is it with superheroes and shaving these days?  First there was Gillette, asking how Superman shaved (after all, with his super strength in his super hair, you’d need a super razor to get that smooth). And now there’s Braun, … Continue reading

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The real superdrug is belief

A children’s hospital in Brasil developed a special packaging for cancer treatment medicine, combined with comic books that explain how the drug works and why the procedure is so horrible, to help its young patients grow faith in their recover. … Continue reading

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This Charming Man Of Steel

Brasilian illustrator Butcher Billy betrays his age with this New Wave – Silver age mashup. Ever imagined Ian Curtis as Batman, Siouxsie Sioux as Wonder Woman or Robert Smith as Plastic Man? Look no further…

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David Lasky’s Ultimate Superman Saga

Coinciding with Superman’s 75th birthday last week, David Lasky posted this recent comic on his Facebook feed. I love how he weaves the history of the comic with the mythos into one big lament of its creators’ fate. (comic © … Continue reading

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With Superman, only change is a constant

From Action Comics to Man Of Steel, Superman has gone through change after change. Seasoned fanboys will probably have kept up to date, but for those of us with little more than a sideways interest in Clark Kent’s alter ego, … Continue reading

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So Superman comes home from work…

  Sometimes 9Gag actually is pretty funny.  Anybody know anything about this cartoonist? (click the image to read the rest)

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