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How the batcave got its dinosaur

We finally know the back story to Batman’s dinosaur, thanks to Kerry Callen. Now for the giant penny!  

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Like Superman, but without a cape

How cool is that : you name your little ad agency Clark & Kent, and since you can’t afford a proper office, you promote it as “the only agency with headquarters in a phone booth in New York”.  And your … Continue reading

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Like a true Metropolis girl

Here’s (part of) how a real Lois Lane would handle that pesky Superman.  From Kate Beaton’s mega-splendid Hark, A Vagrant.  Read that !

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Too Fast For Superman

The bandwidth that Israeli broadband company Bezeq offer, is too fast for Superman to compete, or that’s what this ad would like us to believe.  Which reminded me of the sad fact that to the world at large, Superman is … Continue reading

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The Comic Strip Hero

This BBC documentary was aired in 1981 as part of their Arena series of documentary films.  Read on for more parts, featuring Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, but also Will Eisner, Trina Robbins and others.

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Even an older Superwoman has use for a toyboy !  This is just one of the scenes in the mock photo documentary by Sacha Goldberger about Mamika,  his 91-year old Hungarian grandmother.  See more photos at Fubiz.

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All view hoodies

You never need to worry about showing your good side, as with these All View Hoodies from Bioworld Merchandising, you’ll always look super.  They’re available from the Big Bad Toy Store. I think the Batman version works the best – … Continue reading

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Super babies !

Aw, aren’t they cute ?  You can get them at the Neatoshop.

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Oh, behave !

Pink Tentacle has collected a number of quite amuzing vintage posters from the Tokyo subway, which were used to promote good manners and the right way of using the transport system.  The posters liberally use icons and characters from popular … Continue reading

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Eat fish, get dillusional

According to this ad for canned fish, when you eat it, you think you’re Superman (or Popeye).  Just don’t go jumping of buildings yet, I’d say. (via Ads of the World)

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