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Stamps 2021 : Belgium

Belgian’s post office BPost always excels itself in its confusing communication style. If you want to know what the stamps they have planned for 2021 look like, you need to either watch a YouTube slide show or buy a 6.50 … Continue reading

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Close but no comic

As with anything that can garner a loyal (if not fanatic) niche following, comics-related imagery are used on any item that even remotely has a collectible value. Case in point today, cigar bands. Often referred to (at least by me) … Continue reading

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Baeken in Lambiek

Flemish illustrator and cartoonist Serge Baeken will be signing his work in the legendary comics store Lambiek in Amsterdam.  And so, he drew himself signing, well, in Lambiek. (artwork © Serge Baeken, from his Facebook page)

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Isolated comic = art

Jan Dheedene is a Flemish visual artist who likes to work with images from the world around him, and from his own memory in particular.  He currently has a solo exhibition in the Cultural Centre in Hasselt, Belgium.  The title … Continue reading

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More comics in Shanghai

As I said in my previous post, at the Belgian Pavillion at the World Expo in Shanghai, comics are presented as one of the key parts of Belgian culture and Belgium’s contribution to the world.  Hergé is listed among the … Continue reading

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Slow, please

Went back to work today, and immediately got lost along the way.  Which was good, because I spotted this road sign along the way, which reminded me of these I wrote about earlier. Seems like there were a whole lot … Continue reading

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De Texasrakkers

I was at the Flemish Book Fair last week (which was the first time in ten years).  At the Standaard Uitgeverij booth, an animated movie was announce based on De Texasrakkers, on of the classic stories in the Suske En … Continue reading

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Suske en Wiske give traffic advise

They have been around for a while, but I’ve never seen them documented anywhere, and so I present you : Suske en Wiske traffic signs.  The most popular heroes in Flemish comics do their best to change attitudes towards behavior … Continue reading

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Steven De Rie

Flemish cartoonist Steven De Rie created this poster for the 20th edition of the Wilrijk Comics Festival. Try and find all references to characters and comics-related news items.

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Pencil And Eraser

When I saw the above illustration from ‘The Magic Pencil’ by Dwight Sturgess (courtesy Stripper’s Guide), the scene below came to my mind immediately. This strip is from Willy Vandersteen’s Suske en Wiske comic ‘De Briesende Bruid‘ (‘The Roaving Bride’, … Continue reading

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