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Pharaoh’s Cigars tattoo redux

Ephemerist reader Petter Johanson was impressed by the tattoo I spotlighted almost exactly a year ago, featuring the symbol from the Tintin adventure The Pharaoh’s Cigars, but his own tattoo goes one step beyond.  He combined the Cigars symbol with … Continue reading

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Hellboy tattoo

As far as comic tattoos go, this one was a winner.  Before they started coloring it.  Oh well, too bad. More more or less extreme comic tattoos here.

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If you are getting a tattoo…

… why not go all the way ? (from Emptees – thanks, Ivow !)

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Extreme Calvin & Hobbes devotion is…

… getting a complete strip tattoo.  Of a water balloon gag (that doesn’t even feature Spaceman Spiff). (via Funtasticus.com)

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Pharaoh’s Cigars Tattoo

I only wish I had the bloody courage that Colin seems to have to get this kick-ass tattoo. That’s wicked ! (via Tintinmovie.org)

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