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Talking birds galore

As we speak, a number of brave and gracious souls are digging up old and forgotten newspapers comics from archives and microfilm collections, in order to keep them alive and available for posterity. That’s how I got to know and … Continue reading

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A Tintin rocket, because why not?

It may seem odd to you, denizens of the wide world beyond our borders, but for us Belgians, it is quite normal to have a quite large model of the Destination Moon rocket in your front garden. After all, it … Continue reading

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Who read comics

In case you were wondering, who reads comics? Well, I don’t know about right now, but in the 60s the young and beautiful didn’t mind getting their picture taken with their favourite bande dessinée. Case in point: Brigitte Bardot (manhandling … Continue reading

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Tintin reduced

I’m always in for games that include reduction and constraints, such as the one French (?) illustrator (?) Ludo Prieur (?) designed, reducing all Tintin covers to the max, while still maintaining their immediate recognisability. I’m using question marks a-plenty, … Continue reading

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Stamps 2021 : Belgium

Belgian’s post office BPost always excels itself in its confusing communication style. If you want to know what the stamps they have planned for 2021 look like, you need to either watch a YouTube slide show or buy a 6.50 … Continue reading

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Tale of many panels – Saperlipopette!

Now and then a cartoonist seems to enjoy a particular scene that does not really fit into the story, but that’s just too funny to leave out.  Since they don’t want to disturb the general flow or the rhythm of … Continue reading

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Lettering! Fonts! Starkings!

Comic geekdom doesn’t get a lot more ephemeral than when it’s focused on what’s basically meant to remain unnoticed: the way balloons and captions are lettered. This short (all too short, actually) video covers the evolution of (American) comic book … Continue reading

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Happy easter with Tintin

Today is Easter, the day when Christians the world over celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and children hunt for chocolate eggs. It’s a clear sign of how times have changed: I feel somehow obliged to explain what Easter is, … Continue reading

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Tintin drives a Citroen

Some 10 years ago (almost to the day even), I already showed that Tintin and cars is a complicated matter that does not involve a lot of brand loyalty. Still, French car maker Citroën seems to have had a special … Continue reading

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Close but no comic

As with anything that can garner a loyal (if not fanatic) niche following, comics-related imagery are used on any item that even remotely has a collectible value. Case in point today, cigar bands. Often referred to (at least by me) … Continue reading

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