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Tintin in Portugal

 In the 1950s and 60s The Adventures of Tintin were serialised in the Portuguese weekly Cavaleiro Andante.  This periodical ran from 1952 until 1962 and featured adventure-type comics from around the world (see more here). It would however seem that brand … Continue reading

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Joueurs en stock

Tintin is supposedly big enough in France for this cover to France Football magazine to make sense. Or at least for people to make the connection between a classic comic about modern-day slavery, and the current climate of professional athlete … Continue reading

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First Class Stamps (2) – Tintin!

What better way to start this series than with my favorite comic character ever. Tintin, the quiffed one, has graced stamps from the post offices of his (and mine) native Belgium, France, the Netherlands and innumerable shadier issues (of which … Continue reading

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Adventure Tintin!

Words fail me. This is silly, and at the same time, what would this be like on TV? Ah, ponderings! (art by Mike Holmes, via Tom)

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Tintin au Congo (for real)

My friend Kris Berwouts lives in Kinshasa, the capital of Congo. He recentely posted these pictures, taken at a quite picturesque café called Chez Tintin.  Judging from reviews on Geckogo, it’s not really the place-to-go for food, but the view … Continue reading

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Sinful Tintin

If Steven Heller of Imprint Magazine is to be believed, Tintin may be up to more than his boyish hijinx when he’s off duty.  Or so you could deduce from the marble sculpture Steven encountered on a trip in Italy. … Continue reading

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Tintin plays for Barcelona

Yesterday’s Champions League duel between FC Barcelona and Bayern Leverkusen was promoted by Barça Toons with this short clip.   Which is not only nicely done, it also contains Tintin !

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Toronto Draws Tintin

On November 2-27  Toronto comics emporium The Beguiling is throwing an art show and auction, Toronto Draws Tintin, to support the Canadian Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund.  Canadian cartoonists of all plumage contribute their rendition of Hergé’s quiffed hero, which is … Continue reading

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Tintin travels by train

Judging from the recent barrage of posters and imagery in the Brussels Thalys station, it’s not hard to guess which railway Tintin is using to get around (if he’s not using a motorcycle, a jeep, a rowing boat or an … Continue reading

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All the Tintin you need

This delightful unofficial titel sequence for the upcoming Adventures of Tintin movies was created by James Curran and includes references to all Tintin books, from Pays des Soviets to L’Alph-Art. Splendid stuff !

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