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Here be watchmen

With a title like, To Set A Watchman, it’s small wonder that Harper Lee‘s new novel rings a bell with even the most casual reader of graphic novels. However, leave it to Ruben Bolling to use that pavlovian response and … Continue reading

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Don’t blame a dog for its owner’s sins

Remember that one scene in Watchmen, when Rorschach is looking for a child that’s disappeared and he sees two dogs gnawing on what seems to be a human bone? Well, you may want to look at that scene from the … Continue reading

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Dude, we’re in jail

Thunder Mates is a hilarious series of comics mash-ups by Ben Hutchings, in which he adds surprisingly fitting new dialogue to exisiting comic art.  I totally am amazed by this scene in which Rorschach and his shrink turn out to … Continue reading

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Don’t watch the watchmen

“Everybody should have read the book” – wonderful piece of satire.  They even got the accents right. (via Chris Roberson)

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Stripgids 14 – iStrips, iemand ?

Eind februari van dit jaar lanceerde internetboekhandel Amazon zijn Kindle 2, een verbeterde versie van zijn ebook, met meer geheugen, een scherper beeld, en toegang tot online winkel voor ebooks.  Om de een of andere reden leeft bij Jeff Bezos … Continue reading

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Gibbons Draws Rorschach

Again, one of those peeks into the creative process of a cartoonist.  This time it’s Dave Gibbons painting Watchmen‘s maverick vigilante, Rorschach. (via Tor)

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New Frontiersman syndicated

Even though I’m quite hesitant to go and see Watchmen (I’m just afraid that it will be bad enough to spoil the book for the rest of my life), I do like many of the various marketing endeavours that have … Continue reading

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