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Stripgids : Het Papieren Web

Terwijl in Angoulème voor de eerste keer een prijs voor de beste stripblog uitereikt werd, viel het mij op hoeveel online strips opeens ook op papier verschenen.  Uit Stripgids 13, februari.

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Lode Devroe @ Top Shelf

My fellow Belgian Lode Devroe, blogged about before, is showcased on the Top Shelf Blog, taking the atom style to the limit (and beyond). he also turns out to have some webcomics at Top Shelf. Neat !

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Note To Self #1 – Feeds When There Are None

After having used FeedDemon for about as long as it’s been out of beta, I recently switched to Google Reader, as a result of my continuing ambition to completely surrender my digital life to the God of Goog. I draw … Continue reading

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