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Shooting is Fun

In adition to creating The Spirit, which ran for decades in its own syndicated newspaper supplement, and, arguably, inventing the modern graphic novel (or at least the term), Will Eisner was also well known for his contributions to PS Magazine, … Continue reading

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A Salute from the Elephantmen

In 2007, when is Elephantmen series turned out to be quite the hit, Richard Starkings came up with a “P” issue, or a Pilot, a collection of short stories that were created by other artists for the Comicraft website and … Continue reading

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Google celebrates Eisner

To mark what would have been the 94th birthday of the founding father of graphic novels, on March 5 Google graced its search page with a doodle featuring Will Eisner‘s best-known character, the Spirit, and the word “Google” spelled with … Continue reading

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The Comic Strip Hero

This BBC documentary was aired in 1981 as part of their Arena series of documentary films.  Read on for more parts, featuring Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, but also Will Eisner, Trina Robbins and others.

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Eisner by Kriek

Today I finally received the first issue of the new Dutch literary magazine Eisner, the first of its kind to be completely devoted to visual narratives and graphic novels.  It’s a thin trade paperback of about 70 pages, with new … Continue reading

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Yeah ! What he said !

This great piece of comics criticism was lifted from The Spirit #19, written by Mark Evanier and Sergio Aragonés with art by Paul Rivoche (DC Comics, september 2008).  I don’t think Scott McCloud could have put it better.  And it … Continue reading

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Eisner in PS Magazine Online

Fans of Will Eisner, rejoice ! The Virginia Commonwealth University library seems to have quite a few issues of the fabled P.S. Magazine in its collections, and has now made complete scans for 145 regular issues, 3 special issues, and … Continue reading

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Soul Invader !

One more example of the superhero trope : Roy Meriwether’s Soul Invader album from 1968, with artwork by Will Eisner / Murphy Anderson (although The Incrowd has his doubts – thanks anyway !)

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1982 San Diego Comic Con – a photoset on Flickr

Will Eisner and Jack Kirby (and Mrs. Kirby) at the 1982 San Diego Comic Con. A priceless photo from a Alan Light’s Flickr photoset on Flickr (photo by Alan Light). (via Drawn! The Illustration Blog)

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Eisner mural

When I was in Copenhagen a couple of years ago, I found myself wandering on the outskirts of the old city, somewhat south of the anarchist enclave Christiania. It was a sunday, and the city was quiet – even quieter … Continue reading

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