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Super babies !

Aw, aren’t they cute ?  You can get them at the Neatoshop.

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The Amazon According To J

J. Bone adds some fuel to the recent Wonder Woman costume flamewars.  Well, at least his look hipper than Jim Lee’s.

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J. Bone celebrates Wonder Woman Day

I love J Bone‘s inking work for the likes of Darwyn Cooke, but I prefer when he lets loose and does his own, free-ranging art, such as this piece for Wonder Woman Day. More info about Wonder Woman Day and … Continue reading

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The Supers !

This massive piece by Allan Sanders was shown at the Hot Rods And Hairy Beasts show at the Coningsby Gallery, London last week.  Click through to Allan’s site for a fuller size version.  This makes my day a little lighter … Continue reading

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Photoshop can be fun

Vedeze is a Belgian cartoonist who uses existing photographs to create his satirical and topical imagery.  Most of his work is focused on the current Belgian socio-political situation (Vedeze is also a supporter of the “Save Solidarity” movement, which aims … Continue reading

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Blunder Woman

(from Pappy’s Golden Age Comics Blogzine)

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The Comeback (Wonder) Woman

Hillary Clinton, according to cartoonist Vincent Rif. Obama : “She’s getting on my nerves”.

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Promotional Card Sheets (3)

This final batch was published to promote the DC firepower cards, and a set of cards featuring depictions of Marvel Superheroes by the Hildebrandt brothers, grandly called “Marvel Masterpieces”.

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40 Part 14 – US Superhero Stamps

Used to be a time when you could find stamps with US comic characters from countries all over the world, except from the US themselves. Since 2005, the US Post Office is finally catching on. Brilliant move, although I think … Continue reading

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Superhero Nursing Home

This one was sent to me today, and I like it ! However, I haven’t got the faintest idea where it’s from. If you know, tell me ! !! Update !! Apparently, this is an artwork by the French artist … Continue reading

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