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Li’l Abner War Bonds Poster (continued)

Almost a year ago I posted a War Bonds Poster that featured Al Capp’s Li’l Abner.  Apparently this struck a chord, because I received quite a few comments and questions as a result of that post. One of the Ephemerist‘s … Continue reading

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Wartime Ads of Australia

These ads in comic format come courtesy of Yesterday’s Papers.

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Lap it up, son !

This gem by Al Capp from the september 9, 1946 issue of Life Magazine, comes your way courtesy of the wonderful Van Reid, purveyor of ceaseless graphic wonderment.

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Al Capp War Bonds Poster

As we’re heading onwards in what’s turning into a veritable non sequitur week, here’ a war poster by Al “Li’l Abner” Capp, as sent to me in the heydays of the Ephemerist mailing list…

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When is a Swastika not a Swastika (one more rant)

(warning – no comics content whatsoever) My eldest son is 11 years old and fascinated by machinery. He was thrilled when he “inherited” his uncle’s old Fleischmann HO railtrack, and he was particularly impressed by the locomotive that’s pictured above, … Continue reading

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